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19 November 2014 @ 12:59 pm
20 x Frozen icons  
20 x Frozen icons for inspired20in20

 photo 05thechoice_zpsfff9f411.png  photo 014thedarkesthour_zps74528c1f.png  photo 08thechase2_zps3d8197d8.png

The beginning | The encounter | The encounter | The departure | The choice

 photo 01thebeginning_zps70d45d85.png  photo 02theencounter1_zps9b65489b.png  photo 03theencounter2_zps01a63164.png  photo 04thedeparture_zpsadc0f988.png  photo 05thechoice_zpsfff9f411.png

The deception | The chase | The chase | The fight | The setback

 photo 06thedeception_zps6dc1ebbe.png  photo 07thechase1_zpsd8cb110c.png  photo 08thechase2_zps3d8197d8.png  photo 09thefight_zps28ab35f1.png  photo 010thesetback_zpsb1367e2b.png

The transformation | The tragedy | The tragedy | The darkest hour | The redemption

 photo 011thetransformation_zps3d9b6a1d.png  photo 012thetragedy1_zpsc7e80a97.png  photo 013thetragedy2_zps9e2b5e16.png  photo 014thedarkesthour_zps74528c1f.png  photo 015theredemption_zps4e47cc86.png

The moment to remember | The moment to remember | The moment of glory | the celebration | the celebration

 photo 016themomenttoremember_zps202190da.png  photo 017themomenttoremember2_zps8a353626.png  photo 018themomentofglory_zpsebdd073d.png  photo 019thecelebration1_zpsb18c5464.png  photo 020thecelebration2_zpseb374d57.png
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Current Music: Paul Weller
sometimes, red riding hood will eat the wolf.: [tv] ☾ i guess we keepwretched on November 19th, 2014 05:10 pm (UTC)
These are beautiful, I love your colors and your blending :)
tarienemrys: Thumpertarienemrys on November 22nd, 2014 03:06 pm (UTC)
These are lovely. My favs are 1,2,8,9,13,16. Lovely coloring and blending <3
jdbmanicjdbmanic on December 18th, 2014 12:19 am (UTC)
I love the vibrancy of your colouring in these icons.3, 9, 14 and 17 are my absolute favourites but they are all stunning ;)